澳洲购房专业词汇及释义 1
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澳洲购房专业词汇及释义 2



1)Suburb == 郊区


2)Off-the-plan/Established Property == 期房/现房

现房物业即established property一般都比较容易理解。Off-the-plan就是澳洲房产对期房和楼花的统称,即已有图纸和规划,但还未完成的房地产项目。

3)Auction/Private Sales == 拍卖/私人出售

拍卖Auction和私人买卖Private sales是澳洲最常见的两种物业出售方式。拍卖的物业会有一个固定的拍卖会时间,有意购买的买家可以在拍卖会之前去看房,了解物业情况,再在拍卖当天去出价。在拍卖会上出价最高的买家将获得此房,并现场签订购房合同。私人买卖则没有一个固定的出售日期,任何时候买家都可以向房东出价,如果房东对买家的出价满意就可以签订售房合同,完成出售过程。



5) Mortgage loan抵押贷款


6)Stamp duty印花税


7)Rebate返款 Rebate返款是很多朋友在买房时会迷惑的一部分。返款一般是中介或者开发商为了鼓励购房者买房给出的优惠条件。通常返款有两种原因,一是开发商为了促进项目的销售,给出的促销优惠。同时,开发商当然不希望他们的项目还没建好就在市场上贬值,所以他们会给返款作为优惠条件,而不是将楼盘降价销售。有些情况下,返款来自销售中介。这里是因为销售中介没有权利改变房屋的合同价格,所以只能够以返款的形式将促销优惠发给客户。


The apportioning of expenses like council and water rates between buyer and vendor.

Agent 代理人

A registered person contracted to act for another in the selling, buying, renting or management of property.


A lot or block subdivided from a larger portion of land.

Amortisation Period 还款期限

The number of years it will take to repay a home loan completely. Maximum amortization period is usually 25 years.

Appraised Value 评估价值(指房屋在申请贷款时的评估价值)

An estimate of the value of the property offered as security for a home loan. This appraisal is done for financial lending purposes and may not reflect the actual market value.


A decorative moulding around doors or windows.


What you own.


A public sale of a property sold to the highest bidder.


Awning window (水平打开的)棚式窗

A window with sashes that open out horizontally.


Body Corporate or Owners Corporation 业主法人团体,负责公有区域的管理和维护

The collective ownership of common property such as a block of apartments or multi–dwelling complexes. It is responsible for the administration and up keep of common areas.

Breach of Contract  违约

Breaking the terms of a contract.

BrickVeneer 木结构固定在外层单砖墙上的建筑结构

A system of building in which a structural timber frame is tied to a single brick external wall.

Bridging Finance 短期过渡贷款,利率较高,通常在买房者等待卖出原有住房,钱不够时采用。

A short-term loan, usually at a higher rate of interest, taken out by people who have bought a house while waiting for theirs to be sold, or when a normal mortgage and their savings fall below the asking price.

Building Regulations 建筑规程

Designed to uphold the standards of public safety, health and construction, these regulations are in place and have been formulated by local councils to control the quality of buildings.

Buyer’s Advocate or Buyer’s Agent 买房代理

Represents a property buyer in negotiations with a vendor or his/her agent. The buyer’s agent is paid by the buyer. Buyer’s agents should be licensed and certified to act as a buyer’s agent.

Casement window 平开窗

A window with sashes that open out vertically.



Is a document any person with a legal interest in a property can lodge with theTitles Office to ensure the property is not sold without their knowledge.

Caveat Emptor 买主责任自负

Latin for ‘Let the Buyer Beware.’ This puts the burden onto the buyer to be satisfied with the item before purchasing a property.

Ceiling joists 吊顶龙骨

Parallel lengths of timber/steel which support the ceiling.


Certificate of Title 产权证书

A document stating who owns the property, the size of the land and whether there are any limitations on the title such as mortgages, easements or encumbrances.


Chattels are personal property. There are two types. Real chattels are buildings and fixtures. Personal chattels are clothes, furniture, etc.

Cluster Housing 居住组团

Detached group of houses which share open space.


ClusterTitle 公共产权证书

Each Cluster Title holder has a Certificate of Title which specifies ownership in terms of a particular area for which the owner is responsible and defines the common property. Unlike a Strata Title, it does not subdivide ‘airspace.’


A negotiable percentage of the selling price of a property, paid by the seller to the property agent, normally after the property is sold.

Common Property 公共所有物,strata-title公共所有的部分

Areas in strata-title properties shared by all owners.

Community Title 社区产权,类似于strata title,差别是开发需要遵从总体的风格和设计

Similar to Strata Title but applicable to developments combining a variety of dwelling styles and communal facilities where an overall style and theme must be adhered to.

Company Title 公司股份产权,多户公寓建筑,strata title楼花

The title system that apportions space within multi-apartment buildings, pre-datingStrata Title, based upon ownership of parcels of shares within an unlisted company. Not all banks will provide finance. Seek legal advice prior to purchase.

Contract Note 买卖合约,买方卖方签订的第一份合约

The first document signed on buying a house is sometimes a Contract Note, instead of a Contract of Sale. This document when signed by both parties is a legally binding as a Contract of Sale and the buyer and seller should treat it with the same importance. It must be accompanied by a Vendor Statement.

Contractor Agreement of Sale 销售合同

A legal document outlining details of a property sale. It is usually prepared on the seller’s behalf by an agent, solicitor or conveyancer.


A person (not a legal practitioner) who, for a fee, handles the process of transferring property.


Transferring ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer.


Cooling-Off Period 冷静期

A period of time during which a buyer can withdraw from the sale of a home (if not purchased at auction). Duration varies from state to state. The duration must be outlined in the Agreement of Sale.


A horizontal decorative moulding usually positioned where the wall meets the ceiling.



Conditions affecting the use of land or property written into the title.

Covernote  临时保单

This is a document giving temporary insurance cover over a property until a formal policy is issued by the insurance company.


A non-refundable percentage of the purchase price paid by the buyer to secure the purchase of the property


Is a non-cash allowance that you may be able to claim on your tax which reflects the limited life of an asset.


Charges payable to solicitors or conveyancers such as postage, phone calls, stamp duty,registration fees and government charges.

DischargeFees 贷款合同解约费

An administration fee charged by a bank to cover the costs in finalising a loan account.

Doorjambs 门窗侧壁

The vertical sides of a door frame.



The disbursement of loan funds provided by the Bank.


A right held by someone to use land belonging to someone else for a specific purpose. Mains, drains and water pipes are usually covered by an easement.


When a building overhangs someone else’s property, or a fence is built over the dividing line between two properties.


An easement, mortgage, or other liability on a property which impedes its use or transfer.


The difference between the market value of the property and any loans that are outstanding on the property.


Any item that is specifically not included in the sale. e.g. An above ground pool,garden shed, etc.

FirstHome Owner Grant (FHOG) 政府的首套住房补助

A scheme providing first home owners with a non-means tested, one off payment as contribution towards deposit, fees and charges.


Fixed Interest Rate 固定利率

An interest rate that will remain unchanged for a set period of time.

Fixtures(or Fittings) 固定装置,除非特别指出,通常包括在销售合同中。

Items which are attached to a property and cannot be removed without causing damage;they are usually included in the sale unless expressly excluded.

FlatInterest Rate 固定利率

Is calculated on the original amount of the mortgage for the whole term of the loan.


The footing supports the building on its foundation.


An owner’s interest in land where the property and the land on which it stands both belong to their owner indefinitely.

Gable 屋顶与墙壁接合的三角形部分

The triangular part of a building’s end wall which extends up to meet the two slopes of a roof.


If someone has agreed to sell you a property and then sells it to someone else fora higher price, you have been gazumped!

General Law Title 一种老的复杂的土地产权 (100年前的)

Old, complicated form of land ownership in form of chain of documents. Can be more than 100 years old and of historic interest.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) 商品服务税,10%

A tax of ten per cent levied on the final price of some goods or services.


Lights, curtains, blinds, ceiling fans, air conditioning units, fly screens, TV antenna,dishwasher, range hood, stove, fixed cupboards, clothes hoist or any other removable item that the vendor has agreed will be included in the sale.


The lending body’s charge on paying back a loan.

Interest-onlyLoans 只偿还贷款利息的贷款,在贷款期限结束后偿还本金

Loan on which interest only is paid periodically and the principal paid at the end of the term.


List of items included with a property for sale; usually furniture, furnishings and other removable items.


The purchase of an asset, such as real estate, with the ultimate goal of producing capital gain on the resale of the asset.

Joint Tenants 联合所有者

Where two or more people purchase a property in equal shares.

LandTax 土地税

Value-based levy applied to some property (exemptions include principal place of residence).


Is the owner of property being rented.

Lease or Lease Agreement 租约

The lease (also known as a Tenancy Agreement) is a legal contract between the tennant and landlord agent. This covers the amount of rent to be paid, the method of payment, term of the agreement, security bond amount and other conditions and rules.


The interest in land of a person who owns a lease granted by a freeholder.


One who leases/rents a property from a lessor owner.


Your outstanding debts or what you owe.

Limited Title (在房屋准确测量前的) 有限产权

Form or Torrens Title which applies to a property before it has been adequately surveyed.


Money borrowed that is usually repaid with interest.

Loan Repayment Capacity 贷款还款能力,承诺每月还款额除以每月总收入的百分比

Your monthly fixed debt commitments divided by your monthly gross income expressed as a percentage.


An opening which permits access to the space between the roof and the ceiling, or below the floor.

Maturity Date (房屋贷款)到期日。term的最后一天,必须清偿房贷或者续签新贷款合同

The last day of the term of the home loan agreement. The home loan must then be paid in full or the home loan agreement renewed.


A written contract giving a lender security over a property.


One who lends the money for the property.


One who borrows the money to purchase property.

MultipleListing 通过多个代理卖房

System of selling the property through many agents.

Negative Gearing 负收益(投资支出超出投资收入的部分,可用于抵扣其它收入的税款)

Is where the costs associated with your property investment exceed the income received over the tax year. This loss can be used to offset other income in that year’s tax return.

Net Yield 纯收益

Is the income on your property less certain expenses such as rates, insurance,maintenance and body corporate levies.

Off the plan 楼花

Buying a property based on architect’s plans, before it has been built.

Offer to Purchase 购买报价,正式报价,可能是无附加条款,也可能有附加条款(conditional)

A formal legal agreement which offers a specified price for a specified property.The offer may be firm (no conditions attached) or conditional (certain conditions apply).

Old System Title 一种旧的土地产权,又称Common Law Title,在房地产销售时自动转为托雷斯产权

Another old form of land title and also known as Common Law Title. Automatically converted to Torrens Title on the sale of a property.

Older titles 更老的产权

Such as ‘common law’, or ‘old systems title’, ‘moiety’, would need to be turned into one of the modern titles above.

On the market 报价达到卖家的最低售价(reserve price)

The point at an auction where a price is reached at or above which the seller is prepared to sell.

Option Fee 选择费用,通常是房价的1%,如果买家不打算继续交易则不退还

Usually one percent of price, is payable and forfeited if buyer does not go through with the transaction.

Option to Buy 购买选择权,赋予买家在约定时间内以约定价格购买的法律权利

Legal agreement giving the buyer the right to purchase property at an agreed time and price.

Party Wall 分开两座建筑物的墙

Wall separating two adjoining buildings and normally straddling the boundary.


This shows the ground plan design, elevation of house, number and size of rooms,kitchen, bathrooms and laundry layout, position of the house on the land.


The actual amount of money that has been borrowed to buy a property.

Private Sale 卖家不通过代理,直接和买家交易

The seller does not engage an estate agent but acts on his own behalf, dealing directly with the buyer.

Private Treaty Sale 通过代理,私下进行房产交易协商,签订合同

Sale of property via an agent through private negotiation and contract.

Property Insurance 房屋财产险

Insurance policies that may cover properties, house contents, landlord, etc.

Qualified Title 附条件的所有权

Applies to some Old System Titles converted to Torrens Title which may not have been fully investigated.


Part of the framework of the roof, the rafters slope down from the ridge to the eaves.


Real Property 不动产,土地

Land,with or without improvements.



A coat of cement or plaster to brickwork or stone.

Requisition of Title (买方)查看产权信息的请求

The process in which the buyer of a property asks for written information about the title to a property from the vendor in addition to that supplied in theContract of Sale.

Reserve Price  (卖家的)房产最低售价

A seller’s minimum sale price for property sale. It may be recorded on the authority to sell.


Usually horizontal, this is the peak of the roof where the top end of each rafter is attached.


Right of Way 通行权

Right of access across a property.

Rise and Fall Clause (建筑合同中的)价格升降条款

This clause would be contained in a building contract. It provides for an upward or downward contract price dependent on movement of prices, wages or other factors specified.

Roof pitch 屋顶坡度

The slope of the roof.

Sale by Private Treaty 通过私下谈判买卖房地产

Sale of property through private negotiation and contract.


The frame in which a pane of glass is set to form a window.


Property offered as backing for a loan. In the case of home loan money usually acts as the security.


Two buildings joined by a common wall.


The occasion when ownership of a property passes from the vendor to the buyer and the balance of the sale price is paid to the vendor.


Thin pieces of wood or other material set in overlapping rows to form a roof or wall cladding.


The horizontal section of material at the base of a window opening.


Sole Agency 全权代理

One agent or agency has the exclusive rights to sell a property.


A legally qualified professional who undertakes legal work for a fee.

Stamp Duty 印花税

A government tax based on the sale price of a property.

Strata Title 一块土地上有多处住所时,每个单元有一个单独的产权,多用于flat或unit

Applies to more than one property on a single piece of land, such as an apartment block. Each unit will have a separate strata title, organized under a ‘strata plan’.Most commonly used for flats and units, this title gives you the ownership of a small piece of a larger property. You have sole right to aparticular unit and can lease, sell or legally dispose of your unit as you desire.You also have an undivided share of the common land. You also become a member of the Body Corporate which controls maintenance.

Stratum Title 分层所有权

This title gives you legal ownership over a piece of property and also gives you ashare in the company set up to look after the common areas of the flats orunits you live in. It does not include ‘air space’.


The uprights in the wall of a building.


Confirmation of the property boundaries and improvements.

Tenancy Agreement Document 租借合约

Sets out details of the property to be rented and the terms and conditions agreed tobetween landlord and the tenant.


One who leases/rents a property from a lessor owner.

Tenants in Common 房产的一种共同拥有形式

A form of joint ownership in a property in which each person owns a share of property.

Term 房产贷款期限,和amortisation period不同,term到期后,可重新协商贷款

The time length of a home loan. Payments made may not fully repay the outstandingprinciple by the end of the term because the amortisation period is longer. Forexample, a Fixed Rate Loan might have a five year term, but it will take 20years to repay the loan completely. When a term expires, the loan isrenegotiated.

Title Search 产权检索,检索公共信息,确认卖家有权出售房产,过户产权

A check of public records to make sure that the vendor has the right to sell andtransfer ownership of a property.

Torrens Title 托伦斯产权,认定土地产权归登记人所有的标准证书

Is the standard certificate recognising land owned by the person registered on thatdocument.


Two storey attached building, usually Strata-Titled.


Document registered in the Land Titles Office recording change of ownership of aproperty.


Supports placed under an existing wall to provide added strength.


Property free of covenants or other restrictions.

Valuation 评估

An estimate of the value of a property by a qualified and registered valuer.

Variable Interest Rate 可变利率

A rate that varies in accordance with the money market rates.


A person selling a property.

Vendor bid 卖家出价

A bid made on behalf of the vendor. Vendor bids can only be made by the auctioneerand only when the auction rules allow it. The auctioneer makes this statementbefore bidding starts and announces each vendor bid as, or before, it is made.

Vendor’s Statement 卖家声明

Information which the seller must provide to the buyer setting out any restrictions such ascovenants and easements, outgoings such as rates, and other relevant notices.

Villa 与其它建筑物相连的单层住所

An attached dwelling usually single storey.

Wall cavity 空心墙

The space between the inner and outer sections of a wall.


The permissible uses of an area of land as defined by a council.

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澳洲购房专业词汇及释义 2




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