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Free Udemy Course Making a Start with Business Improvement, How to improve your organisation's business processes and create an improvement culture. | Free Udemy Course | Udemy Voucher | Udemy Free Courses

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Making a start with business improvement can be daunting. There are many “methodologies” out there and a confusing array of terms.

It’s difficult to know where to start and easy to get tied up in knots. But improvement does not need to be complicated. There are core principles that can guide you on your improvement journey, and help you get started.

In this course, I introduce the “Four Laws of Business Improvement” which are the simple rules that will get you started improving business processes. These are supported by the Structure for Business Improvement which is a four-stage model to help you begin work on improvement. I also cover the four simple tools I use to support business improvement, and the principles of good process design. The course also explores how you can demonstrate and quantify the benefits of improvement to justify the investment of time and resources in the activity.  We include the KPIs you can use for this.

I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants with 30 years experience of helping organisations implement improvement activities, including performance measures. This course will help you get started with business improvement in your organisation, and get your people involved.

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