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Free Udemy Course Mastering Tamil Grammar (Orthography) through English, The Journey Through Tamil Grammar (Orthography) in English beginning with EZHUTHU ILAKKANAM (எழுத்து இலக்கணம்). | Free Udemy Course | Udemy Voucher | Udemy Free Courses

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Embark on an enriching journey to learn Tamil through English with our comprehensive 14-hour Tamil Grammar course all explained through English for ease of learning. This curriculum is designed to gain a profound understanding of Tamil grammar, from the formation of letters to the complexities of verb conjugation.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to polish your skills, this course is designed to deliver the essentials of Tamil grammar to your fingertips. Enroll today and be a part of a learning experience that bridges cultures and eras.

*** Note ***  This course concentrates mainly on EZHUTHU ILAKKANAM (எழுத்து இலக்கணம்)

Here’s what you can expect from our comprehensive syllabus :

Encapsulating Tamil Letters: A Summary of Linguistic Classifications :

Begin your journey by exploring the classifications that form the backbone of Tamil linguistics.

  • Learn மெய் எழுத்துகள் (Mey Ezhuthukkal – Consonants) with a step-by-step structured approach.
  • Understand உயிர் எழுத்துகள் (Uyir Ezhuthukkal – Vowels), the core vowels of Tamil
  • Explore the foundational sounds and Elongating sounds.
  • Master diphthongs and their dynamics
  • Get comfortable with compound letters via உயிர்மெய் எழுத்துகள் (Uyirmey Ezhuthukkal – Compound Letters).
  • Understand the unique ஆய்த எழுத்து (Ayutha Ezhuthu) and its role in Tamil script.

Fundamentals and Structure of Tamil Scriptஇலக்கணக் கண்ணோட்டம் :

  • Study different grammatical categories and letter properties
  • (எண், பெயர், முறை, உருவம், பிறப்பு, மாத்திரை, முதல்நிலை, இறுதிநிலை, இடைநிலை, போலி, பதம், புணர்ச்சி)

சிறப்பு அர்த்த எழுத்துகள் – Explore the Unique Aspects of Tamil :

Explore special letters that carry particular significations

  • இன எழுத்துகள் / Kindred Letters
  • சுட்டு எழுத்துகள் / Demonstrative Letters
  • வினா எழுத்துகள் / Interrogative characters

சார்பு எழுத்துகள் – Decoding Tamil Script: A Guide to Secondary Letters and Their Functions :

Decode the secondary letters (சார்பு எழுத்துகள்) and their functional roles in modifying the primary sounds, an aspect vital for advanced Tamil literacy.

  • உயிர்மெய் எழுத்துகள் / Compound Letters
  • ஆய்த எழுத்து / Ayutha Ezhuthu
  • உயிரளபெடை / Prolongation of a vowel
  • ஒற்றளபெடை / Prolongation of a consonant
  • குற்றியலுகரம் / Shortened உ
  • குற்றியலிகரம் / Shortened இ
  • ஐகாரக் குறுக்கம் / Shortened ஐ
  • ஔகாரக் குறுக்கம் / Shortened ஒள
  • மகரக்குறுக்கம் / Shortened ம்
  • ஆய்தக்குறுக்கம் / Shortened ஃ

Word Formation :

  • Progress to forming words with lessons on ஒற்றை எழுத்து சொற்கள் (Ottrai Ezhuthu Sorkal – Single Letter Words) and beyond.

Understanding Phonetic Evolution and Duration of Tamil Letters – எழுத்துகளின் பிறப்பு மற்றும் கால அளவு :

  • Learn about the evolution of Tamil letters
  • Learn their phonetic characteristics, including the duration of sounds (கால அளவு)
  • Crucial for proper pronunciation and fluency.

Mastering Tamil Typography: Positional Dynamics of Letters and Consonant Clusters – எழுத்துகளின் நிலைகள் :

(முதல்நிலை / Beginning Letters, இறுதிநிலை / Ending Letters, இடைநிலை / Medial Letters)

Understand the positional dynamics that dictate the role each letter plays within a word. This knowledge is key to comprehending the syntactic and morphological aspects of Tamil.

Master letter transformations with போலி (Poli – Letter Transformation) :

Comprehend the art of letter transformation in Tamil, a transformative process that connects the dots between words and their varied forms

  • முதற்போலி / Change of Initial Letter
  • இடைப்போலி / Change of Medial Letter
  • கடைப்போலி / Change of Final Letter
  • முற்றுப்போலி / Change of All Letters

Dive deep into word foundations with பதம் (Patham – Foundations of a Word) :

Study the foundations of a word, peeling back the layers to understand the roots of Tamil vocabulary.

  • பகுபதம் / Divisible Word
  • பகாப்பதம் / Non Divisible Word

Verb Conjugation : புணர்ச்சி (Punarcci ) :

From simple to complex forms with புணர்ச்சி (Punarcci – Verb Conjugation), learn to master the Tamil verb conjugation, traveling from the natural to altered forms, an essential skill for eloquent Tamil speech and writing to convey different tenses and voices.

Our course is designed to be interactive and user-friendly, ensuring a rich learning experience :

  • Engaging Lessons : Each topic is broken down into digestible lessons with clear objectives and practical applications.
  • Cultural Context : We provide cultural notes that add depth to your understanding of the language and its use in various social contexts.
  • Exercise & Practice : End-of-chapter exercises and quizzes to reinforce learning and test comprehension.
  • Multimedia Materials : Use of audio and visual aids to enhance pronunciation and recognition of script.

Whether you are a novice aiming to learn Tamil from scratch or an intermediate learner looking to polish your skills, this course will serve as your comprehensive guide to mastering Tamil through English. Begin your linguistic journey with us and unlock the doors to a rich cultural and literary heritage with ease and confidence.

Join us for 14 hours of immersive learning, where we bridge languages and cultures, and where Tamil’s timeless beauty is decoded through the lens of English.

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