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Free Udemy Course Tailwind CSS : Beginner to advanced 2024, Tailwind CSS from installation to real life examples. | Free Udemy Course | Udemy Voucher | Udemy Free Courses

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In this course I’m introducing Tailwind . first I will explain features , pros and cons of this framework also compared to the other framework in the market. We will see the meaning of a utility-first framework which Tailwind is compared to a component based approach, such as Bootstrap. Then we will move on to the installation using node and organising tailwind.config.js , i personally chose to use PostCSS , which is a postprocessor ,in this course for the installation so we are looking for postcss.config.js; the main reason of this choice is to add autoprefixer to our modules with which we can take care of the vendors names and get read of future problems , also i could have shown you how to optiomise css for production using postcCSS and cssnano but i decided to skip this part so keep the course fast and understandable to every level of reader. for those who is interested into these topic go check them out . Installed Tailwind I’ll show some basic feature and classes of Tailwind to then make use of them to create a Tesla Landing Page to make a practical example of what Tailwind can really do . Enjoy the course and have alook at my paid courses if you liked this one!!!

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