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Udemy Course Description

Learn probability theory from an experienced industry professional. Learn how casinos and sports bookmakers work. Learn why the house always wins.

This free course will teach you basic probability theory, with a focus on expected value. You will learn exactly why casinos and sports books consistently take money from their customers.

What makes this course different

You might have tried to learn probability theory before. Maybe the material was too abstract. Maybe the instructor had no clue. This course is different because it’s taught by an experienced industry professional.

Now that you have found this unique course, you stand at a cross-roads. Either learn probability theory, or fall into the pit.

About the instructor

My name is Slava Razbash and my whole career is based on Probability Theory. I have been working in roles that require a knowledge of probability theory since 2009. They include working as a Data Scientist at two of Australia’s largest gambling operators – Sportsbet and Tabcorp.

I have also been teaching an mentoring since 2009. I’m very good at explaining things.

How this course works

My video lectures explain probability theory from the ground up. There is a specific focus on calculating expected value. Then we apply expected value calculations to gambling scenarios.

This is a free course. Just sign up and start learning.

This course presents a rare opportunity to learn from an experienced professional. For free.

Not everyone will sign up. You do have the option of not signing up, and not learning probability theory.

You could also learn from a less experienced instructor. That’s what I call “the hard way”.

Or you could enrol in this course, for free, and learn from the best. The choice is yours!

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