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Free Udemy Course Data Analytics on AWS – Easy Explaination – Part 01, Learn about Data Analytics and AWS Service supporting it. | Free Udemy Course | Udemy Voucher | Udemy Free Courses

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What is data analytics?

Data analytics converts raw data into actionable insights. It includes a range of tools, technologies, and processes used to find trends and solve problems by using data. Data analytics can shape business processes, improve decision-making, and foster business growth.

Why is data analytics important?

Data analytics helps companies gain more visibility and a deeper understanding of their processes and services. It gives them detailed insights into the customer experience and customer problems. By shifting the paradigm beyond data to connect insights with action, companies can create personalized customer experiences, build related digital products, optimize operations, and increase employee productivity.

AWS analytics services

AWS provides a comprehensive set of analytics services that fit all your data analytics needs and enables organizations of all sizes and industries to reinvent their business with data. From storage and management, data governance, actions, and experiences, AWS offers purpose-built services that provide the best price-performance, scalability, and lowest cost.

How is data analytics used in business?

Businesses capture statistics, quantitative data, and information from multiple customer-facing and internal channels. But finding key insights takes careful analysis of a staggering amount of data. This is no small feat. Look at some examples of how data analytics and data science can add value to a business.

Data analytics improves customer insight

Data analytics can be conducted on datasets from various customer data sources such as the following:

  • Third-party customer surveys
  • Customer purchase logs
  • Social media activity
  • Computer cookies
  • Website or application statistics

Analytics can reveal hidden information such as customer preferences, popular pages on a website, the length of time customers spend browsing, customer feedback, and interaction with website forms. This enables businesses to respond efficiently to customer needs and increase customer satisfaction.

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