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Free Udemy Course Fundamentals of Software Design and Architecture Course 2024, Learn everything about Software design or System Design and Software architecture in the Software Development SDLC Cycle. | Free Udemy Course | Udemy Voucher | Udemy Free Courses

Udemy Course Description

Welcome to the Fundamentals of Software Testing course, This is the course that covers everything that you need to know about software Testing in the IT industry or everything any software tester should be aware of.

In this course you will learn all the fundamentals that you need to know about Software Testing from basics to more advanced concepts, so by the end of the course you will have a thorough idea of what actual software testing is and how software testing is carried out in real life IT projects.

if you have been searching for a comprehensive, Easy to follow and well-organized, and practical course that takes you from zero to hero then this is the right Software Testing course for you.

no prior knowledge of Testing is needed to take this course. Everything you need is right here so you don’t need to jump back and forth between the random tutorial.

We will start with understanding the Software Testing phase of SDLC, what activities are part of this phase, and all the challenges of the testing phase.

then will move towards Testing in deep where we will understand the basics of testing including different testing methods, Different Testing levels and then we will cover the different types of testing,

Course Curriculum :

Software Design and Architecture Phase of SDLC :

  1. Software Design and Architecture Phase
  2. Why Software Design and Architecture phase is most important in SDLC
  3. Challenges of Software Design and Architecture phase.

Software Design :

  1. What is Software Design
  2. What is called a good Software Design
  3. Software Design Principles – SOLID Principle of SDLC
  4. Other Design Principles
  5. Software Design Patterns
  6. High-Level Software Design Diagram
  7. Low-Level Software Design Diagram
  8. UI UX Software Design
  9. Wireframe Software Design
  10. High-Fidelity and Low-Fidelity Software Design
  11. Database Schema Design Diagram

Software Architecture :

  1. What is Software Architecture
  2. What is called a good software Architecture
  3. Architecture Patterns
  4. Monolithic Software Architecture
  5. Layered Software Architecture
  6. Tiered Software Architecture
  7. Microservices Software Architecture
  8. Serverless Software Architecture
  9. Event-Driven Software Architecture

UML Unified Modelling Language

Structure Diagrams

  1. Class Diagram
  2. Component Diagram
  3. Deployment Diagram
  4. Object Diagram
  5. Package Diagram
  6. Profile Diagram
  7. Composite Structure Diagram

Behavioral Diagrams

  1. Use Case Diagram
  2. Activity Diagram
  3. State Machine Diagram
  4. Sequence Diagram
  5. Communication Diagram
  6. Interaction Overview Diagram
  7. Timing Diagram

along the way, I will explain each and every concept involved in Software Design and Architecture we will learn what, why, and how each concept is..

In this course, I assume you know absolutely nothing about Software Design and Architecture, and that’s perfectly fine because I am going to cover software testing from scratch.

All these things we will learn via the Real Life examples and case studies. All of the above things are covered in just over 14+ hours of high-quality content. This is equivalent to a book with more than a thousand pages! in a very clear and concise manner doesn’t waste a single minute of your precious time!

You’re not going to get this information in One Place Anywhere over the Web.

And on top of all these, you’ll get:

Closed-captions generated by a human, not a computer! Currently, only the first few sections have closed captions but new captions are being added every week.

Offline access: if you are traveling or have a slow connection, you can download the videos and watch them offline.

Downloadable resource


There is no such Prerequisite for this course anybody who has an interest in learning the Software development process can take up this course. We will learn everything from scratch in this course.


This course comes with a 30-day full money-back guarantee. Take the course, watch every lecture, and do the exercises, and if you are not happy for any reason, contact Udemy for a full refund within the first 30 days of your enrolment. All your money back, no questions asked.


I am Yogesh and will be your instructor for this course. I am a software engineer with decades of experience working in Multinational IT companies. Till now I have taught thousands of students about Software development and the life Cycle.

if you follow along with me in this course, It’s my promise to you that you will have end-to-end knowledge of Software testing.

Are you ready to jumpstart your career in Software testing Hit the enroll button and let’s get started.

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