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Free Udemy Course Modern GUI Development with Python Flask & HTML, Learn how to create a native desktop application using Python and HTML/CSS/JS. | Free Udemy Course | Udemy Voucher | Udemy Free Courses

Udemy Course Description

Welcome to this unique course on building desktop applications with Python and a modern web development stack!
This course is for anyone interested in combining Python and HTML/CSS/Javascript to build desktop apps.

What we’ll be building:
We’re going to build “CPU Meater”, a desktop app that shows us the current CPU usage percentage of your PC from scratch. We’ll also be designing the UI and make it look good and smoothen out animations, so stay tuned!

A frequent question is: “Why should I want to build a desktop app using web technologies and desktop apps in general?”

  • It has become increasingly popular to build desktop apps that use a web framework for the UI. Some examples of this are Discord and Visual Studio Code.
  • Desktop apps allow you to take full advantage of the local filesystem and gather other system stats (some apps simply cannot be built as pure web apps)
  • It looks cool in your developer portfolio when applying for jobs

Who this course is for

  • If you already have some programming knowledge and want to broaden your skill set, and learn how to create desktop apps and share them with users.
  • If you’d like to create desktop tools to help with your business.
  • For anyone who wants to build desktop apps with Python the modern way.

My name is Zenahr Barzani, and I’ll be your instructor. I’m an experienced software developer turned instructor.
If you want to create Python GUI applications powered by Flask and modern web technology, this is the course for you!

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