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Free Udemy Course The Complete Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Master Class! Your Real Comprehensive guide to ISO 31000 & COSO Framework. Finally, ERM Simplified & its Secrets revealed! | Udemy付费课程限时免费 | Udemy Coupon | Udemy优惠码 | Udemy免费课程


There was a wrong common thought that “Risk Management” is a secondary activity or function and not that important. Believers and followers of that school used to say that corporates should focus their time and efforts on revenue-generating activities only. In their views, those activities that need to be given too much importance are:

Sales, Logistics, Marketing and Finance not Risk Management. In the last two decades, we have seen many crisis and risks that made many big and famous companies go bankrupt and vanish from our business world due to lack of Enterprise risk management. Those cascading risks and crisis and their impacts on businesses turned the table on the followers of the old though.

Did you hear about a company called Kodak?

Kodak dominated the Photography business for so long and it was manufacturing the films for the old cameras. Its films were the most famous and trusted ones in all studios all over the world. New digital cameras were introduced in the market which was a great competition “RISK” to “KODAK”. Kodak neglected that risk as they weren’t competent with Risk Management.

Guess what was the result?????

Kodak is not existing any more after dominating the whole world!

I bet you are not one of those people who used to say that “Risk Management” is not important, that’s why you are reviewing my course right now!

Congrats, you are on the right path to safeguard and secure your company’s assets and operations!

That course will teach you the whole cycle of Enterprise Risk Management step by step!

Topics Covered are:

– Nature and Causes of Risk

– Risk types

– Risk appetite & attitudes

– Importance & Effectiveness of ERM

– ISO 31000

– COSO Framework

– Setting the context of ERM

– Risk identification / Event identification

– Risk assessment, Mapping, Analysis & Evaluation

– Risk Treatment, Actions & strategies

– Risk Communication and Reporting

– Monitoring, Reviewing & Documenting ERM

– Role of Insurance Companies in ERM

– ERM Information Systems & Software

– Credit Rating Agencies

-Real life ERM examples

I hope you will enjoy the course and can’t wait to start that journey with you!

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