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Free Udemy Course Build 20 JavaScript Projects in 20 Day with HTML, CSS & JS, Craft Dynamic JavaScript Projects 20 Hands-On Projects in HTML, CSS & JavaScript and Unlock the Power of JS Mastery! | Udemy付费课程限时免费 | Udemy Coupon | Udemy优惠码 | Udemy免费课程


20 Web Projects with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Unlock the Secrets of Web Development Magic with 20 Days, 20 Projects! Embark on an exciting journey to master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as you craft more than 20 stunning web projects and templates. Elevate your skills, customize your portfolio, and position yourself as an in-demand developer in this comprehensive course.

Why This Course?

If you’re itching to create modern and captivating web projects, enhance your portfolio, and pave the way to becoming a sought-after developer, you’re in the right place. Perfect for those with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, this course is designed to catapult your developer and designer skills to new heights.

What You’ll Achieve:

Diverse Project Showcase: Build over 20 web projects featuring modern, eye-catching effects and designs.

Inspiration and Customization: Gain inspiration to elevate your projects and tailor your portfolio to stand out in the competitive landscape.

Core Technologies Mastery: Master the fundamental technologies of front-end web development—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—to create impressive and dynamic projects.

The Project Lineup:

1. Background Animation: Create captivating background animations to add visual intrigue to your web projects.

2. Jumping Letters: Develop a fun and dynamic effect with letters that jump, bringing a playful touch to your website.

3. Bell Notification: Craft a notification system using bells, enhancing user engagement and interaction.

4. Scrollbar Indicator: Implement a stylish indicator to enhance the user experience while scrolling through content.

5. Captcha Generator: Build a dynamic Captcha generator for enhanced security and user verification.

6. JavaScript Tabs Preview: Develop an interactive tab preview system using JavaScript for seamless navigation.

7. Simple Password Generator: Create a tool that generates secure and unique passwords, prioritizing user data protection.

8. Illumination Project: Design an illumination project, exploring creative ways to use light effects in web development.

9. Scratch Effect: Add a unique scratch effect to your projects, providing an innovative and memorable user experience.

10. Disco Light Effect: Implement a disco light effect, adding a touch of excitement and dynamism to your website.

11. Search Box: Build a stylish and functional search box, optimizing user search experiences.

12. GitHub Contribution Clone: Create a project emulating the GitHub contribution graph, showcasing your coding activity.

13. Rotating Animation: Develop a rotating animation, adding a visually appealing dynamic to your web projects.

14. Currency Stack: Design a visual representation of currency stacking, perfect for financial or business-themed websites.

15. Scrolling Images: Implement scrolling images for a sleek and interactive user interface.

16. Digital Clock: Build a digital clock project, showcasing your mastery of time-related functionalities.

17. Vowel Counter: Create a tool that counts vowels, offering a practical application of JavaScript logic.

18. The Popover: Create a popover component for enhanced user interaction, improving the accessibility of additional information.

19. Unicode Char Detector: Develop a tool to detect Unicode characters, adding versatility to your projects.

20. To-Do Application: Build a practical and user-friendly to-do application, perfect for organizational purposes.

What’s Next?

Beyond mastering the core technologies, you’ll be primed to explore other in-demand front-end frameworks and libraries. Your journey to becoming a versatile and skilled developer starts here.

Get ready to bring your web development dreams to life—one project at a time! Enroll now and transform your coding aspirations into reality.

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