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During IT Due Diligence, it’s important to check various aspects of the target company’s technology landscape to ensure a comprehensive evaluation. Here are the key areas to focus on:

1. **IT Infrastructure**: Assess the hardware, network architecture, data centers, and cloud services. Evaluate their capacity, scalability, and overall condition.

2. **Software and Applications**: Review the inventory of software and applications, including licenses, versions, and usage. Check for any proprietary software and its documentation.

3. **Data Management**: Examine data storage, backup procedures, data integrity, and disaster recovery plans. Ensure data governance practices are in place.

4. **Cybersecurity**: Evaluate the security measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, encryption protocols, and access controls. Perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

5. **Compliance and Legal**: Review compliance with industry regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA), software licensing agreements, and intellectual property rights. Check for any ongoing or past legal issues related to IT.

6. **IT Policies and Procedures**: Assess the IT policies, procedures, and governance framework. Ensure there are well-defined policies for incident response, change management, and IT governance.

7. **IT Personnel**: Evaluate the IT team structure, skills, and expertise. Assess the adequacy of staffing levels and the presence of key personnel.

8. **Third-Party Relationships**: Review contracts and agreements with third-party vendors, service providers, and consultants. Assess the dependency on external partners and their performance.

9. **Current Projects and Future Plans**: Understand ongoing IT projects, future plans, and strategic initiatives. Evaluate their alignment with business objectives and potential risks.

10. **Financials and Budgets**: Analyze IT budgets, expenditures, and financial forecasts. Assess the cost-effectiveness of IT operations and investments.

By thoroughly checking these areas, you can identify potential risks, opportunities for improvement, and ensure the IT environment aligns with the strategic goals of the acquiring organization.

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