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Free Udemy Course Tableau Mastery: Complete Data Visualization and Analysis, Unlock the power of data with Tableau Mastery: Complete Data Visualization and Analysis. | Udemy付费课程限时免费 | Udemy Coupon | Udemy优惠码 | Udemy免费课程



Welcome to the Tableau Desktop Training 2024 course, where you’ll embark on a comprehensive journey through the intricacies of Tableau’s powerful data visualization and analysis capabilities. This course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage Tableau effectively in various data-driven scenarios. Whether you’re new to Tableau or looking to enhance your existing skills, each section is crafted to progressively build your expertise from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques.

Section 1: Tableau Desktop Essentials

In this foundational section, you will immerse yourself in understanding the core functionalities of Tableau Desktop. From navigating the interface to mastering the File, Data, Worksheet, and Dashboard menus, you’ll gain proficiency in organizing data, creating visualizations, and developing interactive dashboards. By the end of this section, you’ll be equipped with the essential skills to handle data efficiently and create impactful visualizations.

Section 2: Tableau Project – Financial Markets Dashboard

In Section 2, you’ll apply your foundational knowledge to a real-world project focused on financial markets. You’ll learn to create NAV price worksheets, analyze price movements, and add filters to enhance data insights. This section will guide you through creating professional dashboards and utilizing Tableau’s features to visualize financial data effectively.

Section 3: Tableau Project – Russo-Ukraine War Data Analysis

Dive into data analysis with a specific focus on the Russo-Ukraine War. This section will teach you how to create detailed worksheets analyzing land and airborne equipment, personnel data, and visualize insights through dashboards and storyboards. You’ll gain practical experience in applying Tableau for geopolitical data analysis.

Section 4: Tableau Certification Preparation: Desktop Specialist

Prepare for Tableau Desktop Specialist certification in Section 4, where you’ll delve deeper into advanced topics like data connections, dataset creation, and analytical techniques. This section will equip you with the skills needed to pass the certification exam and validate your proficiency in Tableau Desktop.

Section 5: Tableau Desktop Data Management

Section 5 focuses on data management within Tableau Desktop. You’ll learn essential techniques such as data pivoting, joining, and data type management. Additionally, you’ll explore creating calculated fields, bins, and parameters to refine your data analysis capabilities.

Section 6: Advanced Tableau Desktop Features

Advance your Tableau skills in Section 6 by exploring advanced features and techniques. From creating custom visualizations and utilizing table calculations to enhancing interactivity between worksheets and developing insightful storyboards, this section will elevate your proficiency in Tableau Desktop.

Section 7: Data Visualization with Tableau

In Section 7, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of data visualization principles and techniques using Tableau. You’ll learn to create various chart types, analyze trends, and forecast data. This section will empower you to effectively communicate insights through compelling visualizations.

Section 8: BI Tools and Tableau Analytics

Explore broader Business Intelligence (BI) concepts and Tableau analytics in Section 8. You’ll delve into connecting data sources, creating interactive dashboards, and performing advanced analytics such as market basket analysis. This section will expand your capabilities in using Tableau for strategic decision-making.

Section 9: Business Intelligence with Tableau

Section 9 provides an overview of Business Intelligence (BI) fundamentals and explores Tableau’s role in BI. You’ll learn about Tableau architecture, installation steps, and best practices for creating insightful reports. This section will prepare you to leverage Tableau effectively in a business intelligence context.

Section 10: Hands-On Tableau Features

In the final section, Section 10, you’ll apply your accumulated knowledge through hands-on exercises. From creating reports and blending data to utilizing advanced features like quick filters and LOD calculations, this section will reinforce your Tableau skills and prepare you to tackle complex data analysis challenges.


Congratulations on completing the Tableau Desktop Training 2024 course! Throughout this journey, you’ve acquired essential skills ranging from basic data visualization to advanced analytics using Tableau. Whether you’re pursuing a career in data analysis, business intelligence, or simply enhancing your data skills, this course has equipped you with the knowledge and confidence to excel. Keep exploring, practicing, and applying what you’ve learned to drive data-driven decisions and insights in your professional endeavors.

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