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Free Udemy Course PMP Certification Exam Prep Course
PMP认证考试准备课程,第一次尝试参加本课程即可通过您的PMP考试。 | Udemy付费课程限时免费 | Udemy Coupon | Udemy优惠码 | Udemy免费课程


  • If you are not able to make it for live classes due to your busy schedule, take this self-paced PMP Exam Preparatory Course to help you prepare for PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification Exam making it least mandatory to refer any book
  • This PMP Certification Exam Prep course is inline with the latest format
  • This Course is well-crafted by referring various reference books and material
  • The primary references for this course are PMBOK Guide Seventh Edition, Agile Practice Guide, Process Groups Guide, Professional Business Analysis Guide
  • This Course is designed by referring the PMI PMP Examination Content Outline
  • This Course provides best guidance on complete set of details of PMP Exam
  • The Course is well-structured to aid you through complete application process, exam process and Certification Cycle process after which starts the exam content
  • Even if you are new to various methodologies such as Agile methodology and Hybrid approach, you would be able to understand what is Agile and Hybrid approaches
  • Even if you do not have any experience working on Agile and Hybrid projects, you would be able to understand the need for these approaches based on context of your project
  • This Course is not only to prepare you for PMP Exam but also to educate you on various Project Management Methodologies and Frameworks
  • This Course introduces each of the methodology after justifying why there is a need for such approach in your project E.g. In today’s world, you get to see more and more organizations are transforming to Agile and Hybrid approaches. To know why there is a need for Agile, Hybrid and various frameworks, take this course
  • If you sincerely follow all the sessions in sequence, you should be able to get all your concepts cleared which brings confidence in you to attempt PMP exam questions correctly
  • Upon completion of this course, you would be able to clearly distinguish between the traditional project practices and Adaptive and Hybrid project practices
  • Numerous examples provided through the sessions to help you understand the concepts rightly
  • In-depth coverage of Project Management Terms, Project Management Processes, Code of Ethics, Project Management Domains, Performance Domains, Traditional Approach, Agile Approach, Hybrid Approach
  • In-depth coverage of each of the concepts, tools and techniques used in Traditional Approach, Adaptive Approach and Hybrid Approach
  • Example Problems covered for each of the methods that are in scope of PMP Exam e.g. Sample problems related to Critical Path Method covered separately, Sample problems provided for Communications complexity separately, sample problem for Decision-tree analysis is provided separately, Sample problems related to Procurements and various contract types are covered separately, Sample problems related to Earned Value Management (EVM) covered separately, Sample problems related to EVM in Agile covered separately
  • In PMP Exam, you would be able to figure out the scenarios in questions whether it belongs to Traditional, Agile or Hybrid Approaches
  • Exam Preparation Tips to help you with what can be improved to be consistent on preparation and achieving the certification
  • Multiple sets of sample questions based on Traditional, Adaptive and Hybrid approaches from all the three project management domains
  • Format-wise Quizzes to give you best perspective about each type of question expected in Exam
  • Detailed guidance on how to attempt these all new format questions covered in separate video sessions
  • Detailed explanation for each of the Quiz questions to understand why an option is correct and why not the other options. This helps you follow the right approach while you attempt the PMP Exam questions
  • Well-crafted Practice Test to help you practice with various sample questions
  • Guidance on how to take the exam and what all things can be considered for this
  • If you are satisfied with this course, please do not forget to provide your review
  • If you wish to practice with more PMP Practice Tests, follow my other course “2024 Latest PMP Exam Practice Tests”
  • If you wish to clear your basic concepts of project management with less complex assessments, follow my other course “2024 CAPM Exam Practice Tests”

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